How we began

The selection of the original board of officers was conducted by Richard John Uniacke. The first president, John Tyson, was assisted by Chief Justice Jeremy Pembleton, by John Creighton and by two blue bloods. Lieutenant John Dawes R,N, and the Honorable John Butler Dight. The admiral commanding the small squadron based on Halifax, Admiral Herbert Sawyer, was also elected.

The laws of the society state that “The Saint George’s Society at Halifax in the Province of Nova Scotia” was formed “for the purpose of advancing and maintaining that unanimously and good fellowship with each other which ought ever to distinguish this society.”

To fund the society, it was ruled “That every member of this society shall immediately pay into the Fund, a sum not less than twenty shillings currency, to be applied as hereinafter mentioned”.

“Every member resident in the County shall pay quarterly into the hands of the treasurer the sum of five shillings currency: three shillings of which is to be appropriated to the fund of the society and two shillings to defray the expenses of the evening”.

There is no mention of how the “two shillings to defray expenses” was to be spent but roast beef toasts, songs, and many bumpers of claret were the foundation of all celebratory dinners at this time.

However the directors for the expenditure if the three shillings were clear “As it is the sole design of the institution that the Fund be appropriated to the relief of indigence and distress, so all the money in the treasures fund shall be used and appropriated for such purpose.The St. George’s Society was formed on Saturday February 25th, 1786. The laws of the Society were drawn up, printed by John Howe of Sackville Street and endorsed by 62 members”.